The 10 Little Rules

Sometimes the things that wreck us are the things that make us whole.

Those tragedies in life — big and small, massive and mundane, public and oh-so-private — can bring us to our knees. They can also help us uncover what’s real; they can force us to start truly listening to the voice of our own hearts.

So it was with me, after divorcing, losing a business, and facing an empty nest and a scary recession, all within the space of a few months.

As I processed all of it, I discovered something remarkable: I’d been living my life by everyone’s rules but my own. My world had to implode to get me to see this.

Then one magical morning I sat down to write. Out of that morning came The 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life, and a new approach to living that made me 100% responsible for my own happiness.

Since that morning, I’ve connected with some amazing people who also want to share their rules for happiness, creativity, success and wholeness, and together we are creating the 10 Little Rules series of books.

We all need reminders to live by our own rules. We can all use a little help on our journey. That’s what we hope you’ll find on this site, in the books, on the blog and with our growing community of friends online.

Welcome to your #BlissyLife

10 Little Rules for a  Blissy Life by Carol Pearson, now on Amazon