10 Little Rules for Hank

10 Little Rules of HankWhen you are faced with the unfathomable, sometimes it takes a child to show you how to be brave. With a smile and a joke about butts, Hank is a 5 year old hero who lives his blissy life with a rare disease. Documenting the struggle and the humor in navigating a diagnosis that they weren’t prepared for, Hank’s family want to help guide you through their journey with the hope that it can help you on yours.

Let Hank and his family lend you their strength as they battle Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE), a rare disease that causes inflammation of the esophagus triggered by his many allergies. Through following the rules of this guide, as they discover them, they find that they are not alone and their new normal is just that, normal.

Hank lives a life filled with happiness, excitement and hope for a cure. No matter the circumstances you face, with his 10 Little Rules, you can too!

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