Retail & Wholesale Info

Commission Structure

10LRs offers a standard 40% commission for retail outlets, or $6.79/book, leaving a net potential profit of $10.16 per book.

Profits are split according to the situation:

When an author places *their own books* in a retail shop:
The profit split would be:
*author — 60%, $3.72/book
*10LRs — 40%, $2.48/book

When an author places *other authors’ books* into a retail shop:
For example, say Wendy places the whole line of books into a local shop in her town.  After 10LRs expenses to provide the books are reimbursed, the net profit per book is $6.20. The profit split would be:
* Author – 50% , $3.10/book
* 10LRs – 40%,  $2.48/book
* Wendy – 10%, $.62 “finders fee” for placing the books (In this scenario,
Wendy would receive both the 50% author share and the 10% finders fee for any of her books sold, effectively getting the same 60% as she would a direct sale of her own book.)
The Finders Fee will hopefully provide some financial incentive to place the entire line into a shop when appropriate.

Opting out of retail sales: An author may opt out of any retail placement if they choose. I’ll let you know when your books are being placed by other authors, and you can opt out at that time.

Reporting on Commission Sales

Keeping track of where our books are can get a bit tricky. So it’s really important to let 10RLs know when you place any books on commission. We’ll work together to do an accounting each month by contacting the retail outlet and check their inventory. This is also a great opportunity to add more titles to what they are carrying. We also want to give them some exposure and support, on our website and social media, so please be sure to provide contact details of the shop.

Contract for commission sales

Please contact us for a standard “fill-in-the-blanks” commission contract. Even if the store provides their own, we would like to make sure our terms all agree.

For a commission order of 10 or more books, 10LRS will provide a Display Unit for retail shop upon request.

Retail Materials

When you place your books (or the entire line) in a shop, consider offering these display materials.

Single book stand with 2-inch pocket ($4/each); holds 5 – 6 of our 10LRs books (available from Displays to Go)