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10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life - Hardcover

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From spiritual gurus to motivational speakers, everyone has their own version of how to life a happy, blissful life. And the biggest answer of all? The secret to bliss is to throw away the rule book you were given, and write your own.

Author and 10 Little Rules founder Carol Pearson has done just that, and she shares the insights gained during a painful, healing and powerfully transformative time in her life. In this fun and quirky little “life book,” she shares with you her own 10 rules to live by, poses some "big questions" to the reader, and offers the space to discover and journal about the rules that hold us hostage ... and gently gives us permission to break every single one.

This is the original book in the 10 Little Rules™ series, now in beautiful matte hardcover, with more room for reflection and journaling. Now in stock!

“A gentle, loving push in the right direction.”
Rabbi Elana Zaiman

“I just wanted to let you know that I just read your book, “10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life,” and I LOVED it! Very, very well done, my friend. Thanks for taking the time to write down your thoughts, and thanks for sharing them with me (and probably millions of others). You have a gift that should be shared.”
Brett A Blair

“Stunning and Powerful! The author takes ideas that we may have heard before, and presents them in an amazingly powerful way. Her direct way of writing about them seems to send thunderbolts into your conscious mind and then softens your heart. Her messages become sensible, doable and valuable – all at the same time. It truly is an unforgettable book.”
Amazon reviewer

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