Endlessly, beautifully, creating ourselves

Endlessly, beautifully, creating ourselves

We’re supposed to have a dream right? 
Some big fat uber sexy goal? One we’re ‘never supposed to lose sight of?’ 

But what if we don’t? 

What if just getting through whatever day at any given moment is about all the dream we can handle, let alone sexy? 

And what if we’ve let ourselves get so loaded down with whatever it – good, bad or otherwise – that we’ve all but even forgotten the concept? 

What if we have gotten so far away from thought provoking conversation and stimulating brain activity that we feel all but invisible? 

And what if we’re essentially very happy – but there’s just that little something missing? The thing you just can’t quite put your finger on? 

You look to the only person who can change that. 

The one person who may not know how at this very moment – or even what. 

The one person who in the end you DO KNOW you can ALWAYS go to to get things figured out. 

The person who knows to grab a good book, crank up the dance music, take a shower and do – or not do – her hair. 

Take a class. Research a small project. 

You Sunshine. It’s you. YOU are the one with ALL the power. 

You just may not remember it. 

And yes, the only thing more important than accepting help when you need it is asking for it. 

Good. Solid. NO STRINGS ATTACHED, open, honest help. 

Just never EVER forget – no matter what – you absolutely CAN take care of you my strong and MOST BEAUTIFUL friend. 

So do that …

and the rest will come. 

See you when you get here. ❤️

Amy Hege Atwell is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids, available at www.10littlerules.com, www.thepaintedmermaid.com, on Etsy, and at retail outlets including her shop The Painted Mermaid in Southport, NC.

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