10 Little Rules for the Modern Southern Belle

by Beverly Ingle

Pound cakes and nail polish, big hair and silver patterns … the iconic Southern Belle knows the value of traditional and pride of place. Yet she is a citizen of the global community now, finding new ways to bloom and contribute while honoring her true roots. In 10 Little Rules for the Modern Southern Belle, we see her … and ourselves … in a new light. It’s time to rethink the rules a bit from the viewpoint of this most beautiful new iteration of the belle. This Belle joined the 10 Little Rules family in the fall of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic and everything that came with it. Throughout it all, author Beverly Ingle never failed to remember her toenail polish.

Bev is the owner of Pearls and Magnolias, a lifestyle site dedicated to the art of being a truly modern belle.

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