Rule #9 – Make it Better. Seriously.

Rule #9 – Make it Better. Seriously.

With our new NEW normal of being locked away from others, I have been spending too much time on social media and news sites and doing so has really taken a toll on my emotions and mental health. Since the frustrations, trolls and our own government are piling up with drama, tension and anger, I decided that I needed to start writing down what I am thankful for. I have always looked for the silver lining in all situations, but being so bogged down, I decided that I needed to write everything down. I can’t keep a list in my brain when there are so many things that are threatening to take over.

My current list is fairly long; however, my highlights are so very important to me. I want all of you to sit down today and jot down what is getting you through the day while you are social distancing. I promise, it will feel good. Here is a section of my current list:

  • More People Home During the Day

    I am grateful that my husband is working from home. It is amazing to hear his voice all day while he’s on conference calls. I don’t really listen to him, as I am too busy working with the kids and their school work. But hearing his intonation while he is talking to his coworkers is very soothing. I feel like it is like when you first start sharing a bed and the other person’s snoring is awful and hard to sleep through, but 20 + years, a night without it leads to a poor night sleep. I am not looking forward to when he has to go back to his office
  • Online Learning

    I am pleased with being able to spend this time with my children. I never wanted to be a home-school mom. I didn’t want to have kids in the house 24/7, but I have learned that I was wrong. I like listening to them learning new things. I love watching Hank run through the house with a measuring stick to complete his math work. I really, really enjoy quizzing Dave on spelling words. I had no idea that he even knew that many words! Words that I don’t know how to spell, he rattles off like nothing.
    Our teachers are amazing. I am a huge supporter in our school system and I have always believed that our teachers deserve so much more than they get – supplies, continuing ed., and financially. Hank has two teachers in his class and they are wonderful. Within two weeks of being out of school, a teacher reached out to each student by phone. It was such a wonderful thing for Hank to talk to his teacher, but I got to as well and I felt like that five minutes completely recharged my batteries. These wonderful teachers are working together to continue our kid’s education and it has been amazing. From Zoom calls to assignments that allow for me to see the “light bulb” go off in their minds – we are very lucky.
  • My Growth

    My own education has grown. No, I haven’t gone back to school – but within my household management. I suddenly have a better understanding of food. How to make it, use it and reuse the leftovers. If you follow my Instagram account, you have already noticed a few posts about taquitos. Those came from a sudden whim of Hank’s and a leftover roast. Suddenly, we have a new food that I can make and save in the freezer. Perfect for lunches or the odd dinner where we’re having something that isn’t Hank-safe. Going through my outside freezer, I had a whole chicken, which I sous vided and made stock with the bones – not unusual, but the chicken that was stuck to the bones, I pulled them off after the broth bath and we used them to make a green Thai curry. I am really looking at how wasteful we were before and am working on correcting this through creative cooking. This brings me more happiness than I think should be allowed. Seriously.
  • Everyday Joy

    I can’t even explain, though I am sure that anyone reading this rambling knows, how wonderful it is to just hear their kids taking enjoyment in their play. We’re super lucky to have two kids – they play with each other, with only minor strife. I say minor, but today, I had to send Hank to his room for using adult language towards his brother. As I am typing this, I can hear them on our trampoline laughing and giggling. It’s like rich chocolate – it is the best.
    Many states have Facebook groups that have popped up recently about sharing rainbows. We are following “Rainbows Over Michigan” and have been loving everyone’s sunshine and brightness through this trying time. Pictures of everyone’s rainbow decorations, flowers, babies and smiles have been a fun addition to our day. We even went to Etsy and bought our own fun stain glass rainbow for our front window.

All the people along the way through the journey who make living possible right now are so very important. All the healthcare workers – including the clean up crew, all the delivery men and women, the workers at the supermarket and those who shop for those of us who cannot leave the house. I am so very thankful for all of those people that I don’t even know are still working in their fields to allow for life to still carry on.

Exploring my list, will hopefully help you to start your list and bring you calmness and peacefulness through this trying time.