The five people closest to you

The five people closest to you

If you are or once were parenting young folks, you will relate to this. 

Part of my parenting was to teach and remind my children to carefully monitor the people they associate with on a regular basis. Why?  The five people closest to us will impact our own success and happiness in life.  

Just this week, even at my age, I had to make a conscious choice to choose who would hang out in my space.  Yes, it really is that important!   Presented with a lucrative opportunity, my gut told me “no way” even though my checkbook was saying yes. So I remembered my new mantra from my book 10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul

“If it’s not a “hell, yes” – it’s a no!

The mere thought now of seeing, communicating, and dealing with this person on a daily basis makes me weak.  The confirmation is so strong and I know I made the right decision.  The decision to say no.  The decision to include people in my life who inspire, encourage, dream, support, connect, and care.  So when I ask myself daily what I want my day to look like and how I want to feel, I know I have at least five awesome people surrounding me in my life.  I am lucky and grateful.

Key #1 –  Choose wisely and treat them kindly. Your chosen few are treasures and priceless.

Key #2 –  Create a full circle of stimulating your intellect, creativity, meaning, and adding value in doing what matters most to you.  It’s a true give-and-take.

Key #3 – Be honest with yourself, and become the person you were always meant to be.  When you surround yourself with the right people, you’ll feel good about yourself and your direction, your world will begin to expand.  And then you can give back.

This is creativity at its best!