10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul

10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul

Rule #1 in living a more creative life … Stop stealing from yourself.  Every time we neglect ourselves or put the needs of others ahead of our own, we drain our cup.  Take the time to do things that give you the yummy giggles.

Rule #2 to living a more creative, fulfilling life …J ust Do You!  Creativity blossoms when we honor who we really are, beyond the masks and the to-do lists and the roles we play.

Rule # 3 to living more creatively … Courage, my friend!  Creativity is messy, it makes mistakes, it gets things wrong.  Embrace the process and be bold!

Rule # 4 for your creative soul … Call out your fears.  Fear grows in the dark and silence.  And it loses its power once we shine some light on it.

Rule # 5 to live more creatively … Surround yourself well.  We become like the people we hang out with. Check your circle.  Does it support you and lift you up? 

Rule #6 too creative living … Reframe your beliefs.  We all carry around beliefs about life, about our past, about our abilities … and those beliefs may or may not be true.  Maybe it’s time to redefine what we know to be “true.”

 Rule # 7 for a more creative life … Be FOR something.  It’s so easy to be against something … we are pretty clear about what we don’t like, what we don’t agree with.  Take a positive stand with your creative efforts and let them bloom.

Rule #8 for your beautiful, creative soul … Own your energy signature.  What you put out comes back.  Take a moment to really look at what energy you put out there. Is it lack?  Anger?  Take the time to adjust. Sprinkle love and light around like glitter.

Rule #9 for a more fulfilling and creative life … Be grateful.  Be thankful for this day, this moment, the people around you, that cup of coffee, those moments of peace in the chaos, support in the hard times, the respite from the mess, the indoor plumbing … know that it is all there for a reason, and be grateful, even if you have no idea what the reason is.

Rule #10 to living your best creative life … Stop It!  Stop the negative self-talk and self-fulfilling lies that you aren’t good enough, capable enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough … just stop it.  If you have to, put a rubber-band around your wrist and snap it when your mind brings you back to those lies. Be conscious of the dialog in your head that makes you believe you are less than. Talk to yourself the way a best friend, a lover, your Creator would … You are unique, amazing, beautiful and whole.

Who Are You?

Excerpts from the book 10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul