The bliss of being interested…

The bliss of being interested…


Reading a post this morning from @SandyFosterMorrison (definitely worth following) and this — her mantra, formed in childhood, when things got crazy — “It will be interesting to see what happens.”

Indeed. If I can look at life as “interesting” no matter what, the anxiety ebbs, the chaos calms, and my better angels can prevail.

Interesting — how we are tightening our bubbles, strengthening our tribes, relying on those we know, without question, have our backs, blocking or unfriending those who cause us anxiety. We’ve been given permission to entangle ourselves from toxic relationships, to remove ourselves from their presence. The lockdowns have helped many in a physical sense to do this (except those who are in fact locked in with that toxicity; my heart hurts for you) Don’t we have the right to back away from this miasma on social media too?

Interesting too how our hearts we know we will have to all learn to pull together somehow, even as we disagree, as calls for unity are met with skepticism, resistance, disgust, anger. 

Interesting as we watch the thousands of National Guards troops gather to protect our centers of government, wondering if they’ll be needed, if they’ll be enough, if they’ll be safe.

Interesting as the rumors of more violence seeps through, wondering how much, where, when, how many, knowing how much anger and division is out there … and in here, inside us.

Interesting when we stop to let ourselves feel what can be too overwhelming to even consider. The mind takes us where the heart can’t bear to go. What’s next? What does this week bring? Can we ever feel like a whole country again?

“It will be interesting to see what happens.” 

This will be my mantra for my own self-care this week … and I’ll extend that outward in peace. 

Interesting. Such an interesting word. Such an interesting world. Such an interesting time. Such an interesting feeling of being able to detach from the anxiety, the chaos and even, to an extent, the outcome. If I settle myself, maybe I can settle the world a bit too.

Interesting indeed.

Carol Pearson is the founder of the 10 Little Rules book series, and the author of 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life, available at, on Amazon, and at select retail stores.