Blogging on 10LRs

Each author is encouraged to write blog posts for our site … ideally once a week. The posts should, naturally, be related in some way to the topic of your book. Consistent blogging is one of the best ways to help drive traffic, newsletter signups and book sales.

Each author has been sent username and log-in to the site (it’s the same username and login you used to log on here and view this page). Please add a new post, save as DRAFT, and let me know when it’s ready to review by clicking the box that says “Pending Review.”

Once the article publishes, our social media manager will share it on our 10LRs main page, and on your 10LRs author page. You are welcome to share it anywhere else you like, other pages you own, your own personal profile, groups you belong to, etc.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you add posts; and you are welcome to add several at a time. We will review and publish so that they go out once/week.

Blog images

We’ve created a template in the online design tool Canva to be used to create all our blog post images; there is one template for each book with all required branding, colors and formatting. This will ensure that all our blog images are consistent in size, branding and look. Please let us know what email account you use to access Canva, and we’ll share the template with you so you can create your graphics for each post.