email marketing

One of our marketing goals is to build an email list. 10LRs collects email signups from the forms on our site, and also collects customer emails if they purchase on

Signup forms: 10LRs has a general enews signup form on site, and also creates landing pages and campaigns to drive sign-ups. These might be general sign-ups, or tagged to a specific author depending on the campaign.

Customer emails: Each entry is automatically tagged with a specific author once they’ve purchased a book. If that same customer buys another author’s book, they are also tagged with that author.

How we use these emails: 10LRs keeps all customer contact information private; we don’t share/sell/rent/give away our list data with any other person or organization.

We use the information in several ways:

  • to send enews from 10LRs
  • to send thank you emails to customers
  • to let our customers know of new or upcoming books, events or other relevant news

How authors can use these emails: Authors are welcome to request a specific campaign and/or landing page to be sent to any contact tagged with your name, to promote your book or 10LRS. Reasons you might want to do this include:

  • you want to ask your readers to leave a review on Amazon
  • you want to share news about an event you are hosting, or other news related to your book
  • you have created a workshop around the content of your book and want to promote it
  • other marketing ideas that are in keeping with our 10LRs policy

Author emails are created and managed in the 10LRs MailChimp account, and we’ll work together with you to create the campaign you need.

In keeping with our customer privacy commitment, our list may not be used to market any product, business or service outside of 10LRs.

NOTE: We do not collect any contact information from people who buy on Amazon; this information is not available to us. Individual authors may collect information if they choose to from anyone who buys a book directly from them. It’s up to the author to decide if they would like to share this information with us. It is not mandatory. If you do plan to share it with us and build your audience in the 10RLs MailChimp account, please be sure you have the contact’s permission.)