Marketing materials

Promo postcardsdownload this file to have 6 x 4.25 postcards printed at your local print shop. Print on premium weight card stock for mailing, with a note on the back introducing yourself and the series. Send on its own, or with a book.

Fonts — if you’d like to match the 10RLS fonts for your own social media graphics, etc, we are using:

  • Abril Fatface (the “10”)
  • Bodoni Book (“little rules”)
  • Articulat for the tag line.

Marketing Collateral to purchase — authors are welcome purchase the following items to give away to promote their book. Contact Carol to see samples and order.

We will continue to create more marketing materials as needed. If you want something in particular, let me know. Meanwhile please browse through what we already have available:

Refrigerator magnet sample — 4.33 x 5 with envelopes

bookmark sample, 2.133 x 6″ on heavy stock
Printable poster 11 x 17 sample

8.5 x 11 About the Book flyer. If you’d like a flyer like this for you book let me know; I’m happy to work with you to create something you can use this when you’re out talking about your book to retail shops, etc.