Facebook and Social Media Marketing

10 Little Rules has pages and profiles on several platforms including:

Please follow us, and like/comment/share content as you see fit. Also, share your own pages and profiles with the authors through our group chat. The more we can all share and amplify each other’s voices, the better for all.

When referring to your 10 Little Rules book or when commenting on a 10LRs platform, avoid posting anything that:

  • supports a particular candidate or political party. Our authors and readers come from across the political spectrum
  • could be considered hate speech or divisive content.
  • may be unsuitable for a PG audience.

If you’re not sure how / if these rules apply to a particular post you’d like to make, please reach out and we can go through it together. We will always err on the side of caution in our mission to create a welcoming community. 10LRs maintains the right to remove any posts on our platforms that violate this policy, and to remove an author as a contributor if necessary.

Building your own social media platform: Many of our authors are active on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels with their own brands/businesses, and use those platforms to promote their book and help promote the entire line. Please support our authors’ platforms in any way that makes sense to your brand.

Consider selling your book directly on any of your own platforms including FaceBook Shop, Instagram, Etsy or any other ecommerce profiles you manage. Contact 10LRs if you need branded profile graphics to help promote your book or the series on your own channels,

Here’s a great resource / refresher from Etsy on social media marketing that might spark some new ideas.