Facebook and Social Media Marketing

10 Little Rules book header

Each 10 Little Rules author will be made an admin for a FacePage dedicated to your book. On that page you are encouraged to:

  • promote your book
  • promote other authors and their books in the 10LRs program
  • promote posts from the 10LRs blog
  • share relevant content that relates to the theme of your book that your reader audience would find helpful, funny, inspirational or enlightening

Please do not use your Facebook Page or any other 10LRs branded channel to promote any other business you own or are involved in. Our goal is to drive traffic and sales back to 10LRs, so anything that sends readers to a link to another business or organization should be avoided.

Also, please avoid posting anything that:

  • supports a particular candidate or political point of view.
  • is political in nature in any way. Our authors come from across the political spectrum
  • could be considered hate speech or divisive content.
  • may be unsuitable for a PG audience

If you’re not sure how / if these rules apply to a particular post you’d like to make, please reach out and we can go through it together. We will always err on the side of caution in our mission to create a welcoming community. 10LRs maintains the right to remove any posts that violate this policy, and to remove an author as an administrator if necessary.

Adding team members to your FB page: If you have someone working for you in a marketing capacity, you are welcome to add them as an Editor (please do not make them an Admin). Please email me when you do, so I know this is a trusted person on our page.

Other social media channels: Many of our authors are active on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels. These same policies are in effect there. Please contact 10LRs if you need branded profile graphics for any other social media channel.