Our Authors

Carol Pearson, author of 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life

Carol Pearson is the founder of boutique marketing agency The Words Girls and the creator of the original “10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life.” When she’s not writing, she’s editing her garden (some call it weeding), walking on the beach, or moving mountains for the people she loves.

Rita Long is the fantastic artist behind Rita Long Art and the “Memories that Matter” concept. Not only is her artwork gorgeous, she has a solid corporate training background and uses that to help other artists expand their creative efforts and their businesses. She is the author of “10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul,” a book that will help your creative spark burst into full flame.

Beverly Rudkin Ingle

Beverly Ingle is one hot Texan Momma and a well-respected design thinking expert and author of “Design Thinking for  Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses.” She also is raising 4 (FOUR!) girls, and she’s scary good at whatever she puts her mind to, including parenting, one of her passions. She is the co-author of “10 Little Rules for Mamas and Daughters,” coming soon.

Wendy Price

Wendy Price  is one of those rare women you meet in the world  who always takes things to the next level. She has super solid digital marketing skills, but what really stands out is her personality and her low tolerance for BS. She’s left the corporate grind to work from home and care for her young sons, one of whom has a medical condition that makes life…a bit interesting for the whole family. She is the author of the upcoming “10 Little Rules for HANK: A Family’s Journey through a Rare Disease,” a topic with which she had to become painfully and intimately familiar.

Lisa G White

Lisa G White is co-owner and co-founder of Reaching True North and the Podcast, Intellectual Intimacy.  A Texan born and raised, she’s spent time in Austin, Boston and NYC and now calls Baytown home.  Her background is marketing, real estate sales and investing, and is also a certified nutrition counselor and is currently working on completing her degree in Business Management.   Lisa is always striving to develop her own strengths as well as the strength and mindfulness of other women.   Her passion is helping women connect and find their energy, voice and True North.