The 10 Little Rules Story

A 40-something whose life became unrecognizable almost overnight … a teacher who learned the hard way she was neglecting her own growth … the entrepreneur who experienced a life threatening medical emergency and knew her life had changed, dramatically … a mom of two struggling to cope with a unfathomable diagnosis for her youngest boy … these are just some of the very real women behind the 10 Little Rules book series.

We’ve openly shared our stories and offered guidance and pointed questions to help you undercover some core truths of your own … all in a beautiful format with plenty of room for journaling.

Where it all began

After life tossed founder Carol Pearson a barrage of curve balls, she found herself in totally unfamiliar territory. Just about everything in her life had changed … her home to her business to her family … and she had no choice but to start over.

That’s when she had a revelation. Instead of mourning the life she no longer had, she found herself happier than she’d been in years. Blissy, in fact. That was the moment 10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life, the first book in the series, was born, while sitting on her friend Laurie’s sun porch one gorgeous fall morning.

Carol had a vision of a creating a place where other people could come, write and share their stories, and use their own experiences to help themselves and others heal, grow and become stronger and happier people. She had no idea how to make that happen … but it did anyway. The 10 Little Rules tribe continues to grow stronger in shared wisdom, shared hearts and lots of shared laughs.