10 Little Rules for Mermaids

by Amy Hege Atwell …

What is it about mermaids that always seems to beckon us? Is it the sea they inhabit … or is it the freedom they represent?

Mermaids … they conjure up the mystical, the beautiful. They are a powerful physical representation of all that’s amazing and secretive about our own feminine selves. It’s no wonder we are fascinated by them. In this book Amy Hege Atwell takes a deep dive into our modern lives as women, pulling apart the trite expectations and uncovering a beautiful new way to create our own stories.

Her candid writing offers a chance to explore our hidden thoughts and feelings, with essays that will make you think, questions that ask you to turn inward and feel, and pages for journaling to document what you find in those beautiful depths.

Take the plunge with Amy and order your copy of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids today.

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