Rule #2 – Listen to Your Heart

Rule #2 – Listen to Your Heart

We’ve all grown up hearing the platitudes of “listen to your heart” and “follow your bliss.” Yet how many of us experience the reality of this? For me, the real magic started when I  finally learned to connect with my inner source. Once my head quieted down, I was finally able to hear my heart speaking its truth. The voice was unmistakable. There it was, letting me know what I wanted, how I truly felt about things, and where I was off track in my life.

Once you connect with your heart’s voice, then the fun begins. And to be sure, this is also where a lot of pain can happen. What if you hear your voice, and realize that it’s time to quit your job, leave your relationship, or drop a friendship that has turned toxic? What if that voice tells you something you’ve been denying about who you are and what you need out of life? What if your truth will hurt the people you love?

These are the dangers inherent in living your own life. And yet, the danger of not doing so, of living your life as others wish, is far worse. This is the path of loneliness, despair, depression or numbing surface dwelling rather than deep and soulful living.

I still struggle with this idea. While it’s easier now for me to hear the truth in my heart, I still sometimes find it a challenge to act on it. I’ve learned to be gentle with myself as I move toward my bliss. While some may be able to make that quantum leap in the moment, others will inch there, bit by bit. Forward motion is all that is required; the momentum will eventually take care of itself.

What questions are you asking yourself lately? Be brave and truthful with yourself. No else need know. But if you need help, get it. If you need to talk to a friend, grab your phone and connect. If you need to write it all down, start a journal. If you find you are overwhelmed, seek professional guidance to help you through this process. Being honest with your self can be a challenge, especially if you’ve lived your life up till now making the rest of the world happy. This might stir up some pretty powerful truths, and you may be tempted to talk yourself out of what you hear.


Your heart is amazing; honor the truth you hear.

Excerpted from “10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life” by Carol Pearson.

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