Anger, Fear, Frustration Speak Without Words

Anger, Fear, Frustration Speak Without Words

I sit…starting my meditation, looking out at the Sea…from the 9th floor.  I love this.  The roaring of the weaves that quiet my mind,  the smell of the salt water and humidity in the air,  the cool morning breeze just out of the hot rays of the sun.

Watching how people handle fear and disappointment the last few days has made me grateful that I am on the learning path I am traveling now, and open to new ideas.  The judgment we see involves anger, fear and frustration and looks on the surface like hate.  I trying to think if hatred has really ever taken us anywhere good.

As I was looking out to sea a few minutes ago, standing right down there on the beach were two people – facing one another.  I could not hear any words, but their gestures alone told their current story.  Hands were moving frantically, fingers were pointing and several times they each threw their hands up in acceptance of their differences and walked away in opposite directions.  Then they would walk back and try again to make sure they were being heard.  The cycle continued until they both walked off, he to the north and she to the south.

Even how they walked on the Treasure Coast beach told their story…a sense of aloneness, anger, disappointment….et al.  It’s all FEAR and/or the fear of CHANGE.

Pauline Ryynanen said it well…CHANGE:

Choose…Have A New Growth Expereince!

A Presidential Election or a Family Dispute,  let’s all try to figure out what’s making us so fearful, because it always comes down to fear.  We call it other names (disrespect, bigotry, control, meanness).  I’ll stop here with the list so the blog won’t go into infinity.

Breath, and then breath again.  Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.  Whatever we focus on expands,  When we think about how bad “it” is we get more of “it”.  Now that’s a never ending and simply devastating way to live.  So once we are aware of that – choose CHANGE.  For me, it’s when I start to judge someone else…it never ends up well for me or my situation.  We can make different choices and even make major decisions without it being someone’s “fault”.

How refreshing that will be – we’ll all learn a lot of new things about ourselves and others.  Breath … and smile.  It makes a difference.

Moments That Matter!   Rita

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