J’aime la France!

Lavender Fields by Rita Long Art

New Years – New Collection!
Enough of 2016 reviews and “how can I be better this year”.  Time to paint.

I either paint what I love, or to get my customer’s memories out of their head and onto a canvas, be it in a frame or on a wall.  This painting appeared on my screen saver this morning and inspired me.  It now lives in North Carolina, and I miss it hanging on my wall.  So…a new version will be the first in my       “I Love France! ” Collection.  Keep an eye out for Paris cafes,  French vineyards, the Mediterrean Sea and other bucolic scenes.  It may end up as my 2018 Calendar!  Reliving Moments That Matter…priceless.

Rita  –  Vive la France !
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