Courage before Confidence

Courage before Confidence

“Creativity takes courage.”

Those words from artist Henri Matisse ring so true, and not just to professional artists or creators.

“We all want to be confident. Being confident is the coolest,” writes Rita Long in her book 10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul.

Yet fear so often blocks our path, making us second guess ourselves and our creative urges. The solution, according to Rita, is to be brave. Just for a moment, long enough to move one step ahead. And don’t worry if you aren’t “good enough.”

“Think of one thing that you know you could do, right now, that would make a positive difference in building your life and your confidence,” she writes. “Notice I didn’t say you had to be able to do it well. Pick something that will take courage and make you somewhat vulnerable,” Rita continues.

“Take a deep breath and just do it. So what if no one notices? So what if you get criticized? So what if it doesn’t go viral? Courage is a shortcut to confidence. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking small, consistent steps to learn and grow and become an expert. It takes time. But if we wait around to BE confident before we try to paint, or sell our work, or live our most creative life, we are signing up for a long, lonely journey.”

I love that. So what? Who cares? It’s time we all felt a little braver, a little bolder and took that next step in our creative adventures. Let go and dare.

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