Supper on Sunday: It’s All About the Choices

Supper on Sunday: It’s All About the Choices

Growing up in Ohio, lunch (noon meal) was called dinner, and dinner (evening meal) was called supper.  Supper on Sunday was always  earlier than other days of the week, maybe because mom was tired and wanted to get it over with and rest.  Maybe it was because in those days everyone was home and we could share a meal early and get ready for work and school the next day.  It was also always special, just a bit more “fancy” then our other meals.

I have been asked and encouraged lately to do more blogging.  So my Sunday blogs will be called Supper on Sunday, a mix of thoughts to noodle on, a way to possibly look at an issue from a different angle, and time to connect and communicate with “family”.

This first one is tough, and I have been thinking about it all week as I’ve had lots of alone time to paint the big mural I am doing in my Gallery.  I kept reflecting on all the hysteria, real or imagined, that is going on in our country today.  Sides are not being taken here, so don’t run away.

Sides is what bothers me.  Sides should be just that…something we add to our main course, not what defines us as a human being.  A friend who moved out of state recently was asked, when she changed her license, what political party she belonged to.  “Belonged to?”  When we have to choose, we are being asked to believe in all of the doctrines of that party, movement, church, group or family.  I’m not sure if everyone can or should believe in everything that everyone else does, all the time.  It makes me wonder what the term “politically correct” actually means?  Is it a political issue or a values issue?  When we know what our core values are, our true north, our “why”…decisions are easier and there is a calmness that resutls.  The core values,  our true north, our “why” is our main course and stay in the center of who we are.  The sides are variables and add-ons that enhance our expereince.  Freedom of Speech is America’s True North.  How it is expressed is optional and answerable to chosen guidelines.

Example:  I believe anyone living in America is privileged.  Yes, anyone.  Could things be better – absolutely! Do we have problems – yes!  I think we are heading in the right direction.  The access we have to do, think, be and support whomever and whatever we want is freedom.  Rare freedom that is not guaranteed, so we best not take it for granted.  But forcing our views, opinions, beliefs and actions on others is sheer bullying.  Destroying other people’s property and physical harm is a crime.  Freedom of speech means that we and the other person also has that same right…and it’s about speech, speaking, voicing our opinion, marching, protesting.  Period.

I am much more concerned with people who wear masks, harm other people, and destroy other’s property than I am about anyone voicing their opinion.  And if you didn’t vote in the last election, regardless of which “side” you are on, I don’t choose to hear your opinion of the state of the country.  Voting is a right and a privilege…you don’t even have to leave your home to vote these days.  No excuses!

Another example:  How do we express Freedom of Speech here in America?  Now get ready because this will  stir the pot (as they say in Ohio!) as I am going to talk about football.  Not Wall Street, not Republicans, not Democrats, not Mellennials…just football.  Now I know I have your attention.

Why do so many people watch the Super Bowl?  Because they like football is not the only reason, right?  Advertisers who want our money have turned it into the magic bean that will grow their sales.  The NFL has turned it into entertainment (that is questionable to some) to get more viewers. The Entertainers have turned it into a political platform to spread their views and opinions.  And this it is what makes our country great.  We may not agree with it but it is Freedom of Speech.  The other thing that makes our country great is that we all have a choice to participate or not to participate.  In watching the game, the award show, the movie, the drama or sit-com on TV.   All of it – we have a choice to watch, respond or not watch or not attend.   That’s freedom.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says:  Let’s Make Positivity Louder, viewable on YouTube.

For me personally, it’s all about the choice.  Without taking sides, I choose to paint a mural this afternoon, eat an early Supper on Sunday, and meditae tonight.  I choose not to watch football, advertisements, entertainment, or political statements today.  It’s just my choice and I am so overwhelmingly grateful that I have that choice to make.  I give thanks for that right.

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