The Art of Trying to Fix Things – Rita Long Art

Today our Supper on Sunday was a big, delicious, outrageously yuScreen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.09.17 PMmmy brunch of bacon, sausage, and blueberry waffles.  Two grandsons were here and they are teens, hence the brunch instead of the breakfast, as they sleep late these days!

But the real message of today was The Art of Trying to Fix Things.  We’ve lived in our home for nearly 24 years and things just need to be “fixed.”  Updates, painting, replacing and sprucing up….some small tasks and some seriously big projects.  It can be exhausting and at the same time exciting.  Our grandsons helped us with some chores and we realized what strong, dependable and bright young people they have grown into recently.

Yet sometimes, a situation cannot be fixed.  It may need to be fixed or fancied up, but getting started and involved may cause even more damage.  We were asked today for advice about such a situation, one close to home.  Lending an ear and offering an opinion, if asked, is welcomed most of the time.  There are times, however, when we can’t rush in and solve a problem that isn’t ours to solve.   As much as people or things need “fixing up,”  it doesn’t always mandate our direct involvement.

This is one of life’s tough lessons.  It doesn’t make us feel good.  It doesn’t feel like we are doing anything to help and we want to help.  We feel guilty.  Truth is – sometimes it is not only not our responsibility, but more importantly, does not serve the people or situation in question.

Supper On Sunday can allow us time to reflect on when to jump in to help, or when to watch from a distance with love and compassion.  If we keep our hearts open and filled with kindness,  we will know when the time comes to eagerly leap with joy, resolve and total commitment to help.

Moments That Matter!  Rita

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