Coffee & Creativity

Coffee & Creativity

Picture me carrying my coffee, walking into my studio and painting on this cold, sunny March day in Michigan.  Just that customary practice of taking my coffee into my sanctuary starts to stir things up inside me.  Good things.  Creative things.  I only drink one cup of coffee a day, so it’s not the caffeine. But it got me to thinking about how rituals and clarity can work for us in our attempts to be creative.  Can we “create” creativity?  Hmmm … or are we either creative or not creative?

We don’t need anything to become inspired. Rather, we need to take our attention away from what we see and move into the miraculous world of creativity, where joy and bliss awaits us!  We are talking all kinds of crazy creativity – your garden, how you prepare a meal, what you paint, how you dress – the list goes on and on and on.

If we feel joy and bliss we are “in the flow,” “in the zone,” “living in yummy giggles.”  It’s all about the feelings. What we do willingly is never a burden.  How could it be if we are feeling joy and bliss?  Even in difficult times we will do the difficult tasks if it gets us to that place of joy and bliss doing something we love or being with someone we love.

And that’s enough to start.  Just do something you love to do and brings you joy and bliss.  You can start big or small, whatever you decide…the point of power is in the present moment.   Doing one little thing that feels like inspiration or creativity will kick-start your journey.

Be Original.  Be You.  As you become the director of your own life, be sure to cast yourself as the star!

Excuse me while I continue off to my studio!  Be Original.  Buy Original.  Rita


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