A Hole In My Soul

A Hole In My Soul

Who would have guessed that not blogging for an extended time would leave a gaping hole in my soul!    I didn’t even notice this until I began to write today.  It feels like coming home to the yummy giggles (10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul: page 3)  – that feeling that reflects a peaceful truth that has found its home inside you.

As a long-time advocate of journaling,  this surprised me.  I’ve studied  the powerful connection between hand-writing into a physical book and gaining awareness and understanding.  But this blogging thing seems to fit into my behavioral style better.   It’s faster and easier for me to get all the crazy thoughts swimming around in my head down into readable words.  Less delays, more accuracy, editing ease.  And, I can add visuals that help to tell my story, express myself and my ideas.

This little cutie in the photo reminds us to Shake Yourself Awake and do what you love to do.  We do have a life to live and there really is no such thing as being in balance (for very long, at least).  So do what you love.  Go find your yummy giggles!

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