How to be happier … right this moment

How to be happier … right this moment

The advice is all over the internet. We know we should get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, connect with friends, volunteer, take a walk. But there’s one thing that seems to be missing from a lot of this happiness advice.

Quit spending so much time on social media. Like, right now. Stop it.

“Every day there is another article, video or piece of content that tells us we need to do or not do something because science has proven it’s ‘bad for us,’” Levy writes in Entrepreneur. “As a human behavior scientist, it drives me crazy that so many people are still surprised by these so-called discoveries. Did you really not know that sleep is important? Or that obsessing over your Instagram posts is unhealthy? This isn’t new.”

Levy advises us to stop being proud of how well we multi-task (it’s not a good thing, really, it just means we’ve forgotten how to focus). And he believes that much of our distraction, stress and unhappiness comes from our little phones.

“Put away your phone and smartwatch while you’re in a meeting. Close all those browser tabs, shut off notifications, and focus on one task at a time. Be where you are at the moment and nowhere else,” Levy notes.

It’s great advice. Be happy … now. Love you all.

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