the truth about Failure

the truth about Failure

You hear that little voice on your shoulder …”just forget it … it’s not worth it … did you see the way they looked at you?” Unfortunately, we must often fail at things in order to succeed. When we fail, at least we are trying and learning and formulating a better way, a smoother path. If we give up or, even worse, never even try for fear of how we will look or seem to others then growth is never possible.

A friend of mine recently shared a post on Facebook that was incredibly truthful and powerful. The title was “Embarrassment is the cost of entry.” Damn if that won’t get your attention!

It goes on to state that “Winston Churchill defines success as the ability of going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” Have you set out on a new task, a new skill, a new yoga pose that eludes you? Have you become discouraged and given up? Maybe you just need the right tools, a skilled teacher and a room full of understanding, compassionate supporters. The Powerful Mind website states “there are many benefits to experiencing failure, even though you may not think so initially.”

Here are a few…

You learn something. You actually DO something. It boosts your empathy and it makes you humble while also being a great motivator.

Rule #2 from 10 Little Rules to Finding Your Truth is Expand.

“Our tendency in those quiet stolen moments is to reflect. It’s not the heart-mind that speaks first but the one that sits above those heavy, burdened shoulders that has the loudest, most demanding tone.”

We aren’t thinking at the time “oh, I will learn something here or learn humility.” Fear and panic usually strike! I’ve been right there with you …

Take a moment and picture this. …

You are in front of your most respected teacher and she encourages you to do something so outside your box that panic strikes. That is soon followed by shame for not being more courageous. Do you jump in feet first and throw caution to the wind? I did! And you guessed it … I fell flat on my face. I think I actually had to pull carpet out of my front teeth. And yes, she was watching.

But when I looked up, I saw not condemnation or disgust; I saw a huge encouraging smile urging me to try again. She believed in my expansion. It took three more tries, a few bruises and a lot of carpet burn but I nailed the most elusive yoga pose I had always be fearful to even try.

We are not made to live in boxes!

One day you may even realize there are no boxes!