Being the Conduit

Being the Conduit

Oh this is good one Sunshine! A topic I could do for hours, and have just this week. A stimulating thought provoking ‘what you give comes back 10 fold’ conversation filled with thought provoking examples.
But it’s not a game, and it’s not about manipulation, Or being frivolous, it’s about trust. A leap of faith if you will. It’s about knowing that the Universe has, does and will provide if you let it.

It’s about letting go of what drains your energy and blocks your space. It’s about getting things no longer needed back out into circulation and into the hands of those who do. It’s about making room to receive.

It’s about allowing goodness to come. It’s about believing that you too are worthy of that receiving. It’s about accepting the gift. And sometimes it’s about knowing that the person giving needs that blessing of your acceptance as much or more as you do the gift itself.

But it’s also knowing that if and when that gift no longer speaks to you, it is indeed ok to move it along. Maybe it was never truly meant to be yours, but instead you are simply a conductor if you will, a pass through to its intended destination.

It’s the going with your heart and giving the extra tip to the wait person who seems a little extra tired today and finding that forgotten $20 jacket pocket later that day. It’s cleaning out a cabinet and realizing you have two of the same book – the same book a friend mentions the next day wanting to read. It’s that passing thought of ‘I hate to mess with a full sized ironing board, but I sure would like to have one of those little ones for those rare moments I need it’, and finding it one in a thrift store, moments later for $3 – even better when you’d started not to stop.

And it’s hard, in times like these not to pull back in and stop doing. And at still others, hard not to over do. It’s times like these though that striking the balance becomes that much more critical. So don’t NOT spend Sunshine, but spend wisely. Put money in the hands of those to whom it matters most. Be it time, money or goods, re-distribute your extra. Gift to others however your heart guides. Go with your gut as we say, and the rest will follow.

But be willing also to receive. Because that my friend is how the Universe takes care of you for having helped it take care of others. See how that works? Om shanti Sunshine, namaste… See you when you get here ❤

This post first appeared on The Painted Mermaid‘s Facebook page and is posted here by permission. Amy is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids.