Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears

How often do we REALLY do that Sunshine, “Let things happen as they are meant to in the highest way for all involved’?

And when we do, how often is it from the beginning, or is it that at some point we finally give up forcing and THEN just go with the flow?

How often do we notice, let alone allow ourselves to be INTRIGUED by the zigs and the zags? The unexpected? The out if left fields? The path they take us down and the amazing end result?

I spent SO MUCH of my early years mapping out my days literally down to the MINUTE for work- who was going to do what, with which step, in what floor move at what time. And getting SO frustrated or even ANGRY when things didn’t go as planned.

Even still, there’s no getting around it. There’s a lot on the plate, you have to map things out, it doesn’t make sense not to. I hate to be late, resent it when someone else doesn’t appear to respect my time, like and need to get things done efficiently and hate when things linger, but here’s what I’ve come to know … All delays are good delays, and things really do have a way of working out.

And if you TRULY want to play this game well, stop and recognize the POSITIVE impact of that ONE thing that shifted the gears and redirected the plan, and how eventually it all just fell into place.

So relax Sunshine, even just a little. Have faith that whatever you need WILL come EXACTLY when it is supposed to and not before. Know that forcing whatever it is it will only slow things down but make you crazy in the process.

And when a wrench gets thrown into the cogs, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. Recognize that things may be fixin’ to get interesting. Relax, go with the flow and just know that at the end of the day the only thing YOU can control is your reaction, so you might as well just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.


This post first appeared on The Painted Mermaid‘s Facebook page and is posted here by permission. Amy is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids.