Subtle Steps

Subtle Steps

Is it that we adapt, or perhaps succumb to the influences around us?

Is it that we stay busy, side tracked, sheltered, or sometimes by choice, just blissfully unaware?

When something happens, something tiny, something huge … what is it that makes us all of the sudden think, acknowledge, realize?

And now that things look different, seem different, ARE different, what is it that keeps us right in the middle of not altogether knowing even how we got there, let alone how to get out?

People do things in numbers Mermaid, because there is SAFETY in numbers. Being part of something bigger than ourselves makes us feel safe, accepted, smart. Yet often the strength of those numbers is intimidating and overwhelming and once we’ve been swept up by numbers that no longer make sense for us or by a person or crowd that is no longer a right fit, we can be at a loss for for right steps to get out.

We all make mistakes. We all make decisions poorly informed. We have all found ourselves influenced by the thoughts, words and energy around us. And we ALL have changed our minds.

So in a time when our world is in SUCH a precarious state, a time when EVERY thought, word, action or vote carries so very much more weight that perhaps EVER before, my challenge to you is this …

Gather your own intel Mermaid. Seek out information from MULTIPLE sources. Watch a new channel, read, digest, think and ACT on your own behalf.

Know that it does not make you any less sharp, strong or loyal to CHANGE YOUR MIND.

And as much we all would like to INFLUENCE change, let me leave you with this. If influencing others feels too big, or too scary, or just too much, don’t. You don’t have to INFLUENCE others to be a part of CHANGE. Quietly, privately, independently, subtly, yet bravely take even the tiniest step and ACT on what matters. Because you ARE smart. Your opinion DOES matter. And without a shadow of a doubt, EVERY vote counts.

Take care of you Mermaid and I’ll see you when you get here. ❤

This post first appeared on The Painted Mermaid‘s Facebook page and is posted here by permission. Amy is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids.