Cup Full of Nutrition

Cup Full of Nutrition

Being on the road or overloaded stress wise can be extra tricky for me from a food standpoint, and getting off track even a little bit can REALLY put me off balance. Fastest way for me to regroup is concentrated nutrition on the form of a smoothie – in fact, at our house we call it the power smoothie. And how bad can something that tastes like a chocolate shake be?? Take care of you Sunshine! 

… so here we go!

Mine always start with an avocado when I have it, a banana when I don’t, or both when I can. That’s what makes them creamy. If I don’t have an avocado, I add coconut oil – it’s the good fat I’m after, and arguably the most critical to eliminating any cravings and getting me back on track.

I add unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened cocoa, and organic local honey (I use what I sell) to taste. I add frozen unsweetened fruit to make it like a milkshake or ice.

Its all about the nutrition, so I frequently add mushroom extract and/or cinnamon. Sometimes a pinch of turmeric.

The rest of the day I focus on real food – no processed, no sugar. I rarely do any grains, especially wheat. But meat, vegetables, good fat (avocado, olive or coconut oil) and fruit are unlimited. (When I was looking to lose weight, I did less fruit than i do now, but I refuse to apologize for eating REAL food).

I intermittent fast, so if I eat at 8pm, I don’t eat again til at LEAST 8am. BUT bone broth doesn’t break a fast, so I will drink that with turmeric chipotle and sea salt (or whatever flavor sounds good- and make sure if you buy it, it is as organic as possible and NOT fat free – I add avocado oil when necessary. (Aldi makes for simple/affordable shopping for me).

That’s it! Happy to help where I can, so if you have questions, ask!

This post first appeared on The Painted Mermaid‘s Facebook page and is posted here by permission. Amy is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids.