the truth about Solitude

the truth about Solitude

Rule #4… Accept

This may be the hardest of all the rules in 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth.

Acceptance is “consent to receive (a thing offered)”. Once we establish stillness in our heart. It magically speaks to us. It proposes a truth. Our truth. An offering… but yet, the kicker is, we must be willing to accept it, receive it. Own it.

Acceptance is also defined as to “believe or come to recognize (an opinion, explanation, etc.) as valid or correct”. How often do we hear those speakings and refused to believe it is what is best for us, our true nature? The brain wants to argue and debate and rationalize and legitimize. The heart brain will not argue…it simply patiently waits until the acceptance is complete and willing. Once we rid the mind of the harmful self speak, we rid our lives of toxic people and habits…

This is where we sit in solitude. Calm at first, peaceful and grateful for the stillness.  The initial  “purging of the soul is exhausting. It is an emotional release of all the burdens and pain we have carried for so long. Sometimes we even lack the willpower to move even a step forward. We never feel the true weight of those capes until we release them. You know those moments…maybe you have had a gut wrenching cry with your best friend. Sometimes the purging appears as an impromptu sing along to the car radio so loud someone can hear you three cars over. Or maybe it is an off the cuff rant over a parking space or a slow driver. Release of emotions leaves a hollowness in our chest, our belly. We are so used to the “fullness of energy in our bodies in constant propulsion that when we find some “out of character” way to release it, it leaves a void…a space where that anger, sadness, guilt or longing once resided.”

It is in this stillness that we start to panic. There is a tendency to grasp for the old, the familiar no matter how toxic it once was to us. But…  maybe… just “maybe if we thought of this space that was left, not as a void but a place of stillness, a quietness where we can listen, our “purges” will come with less guilt and shame and less of a dramatic performance.”

Only in solitude can we reconnect with our true nature. Our heart’s speakings. Our truth. And THIS is a regular meeting you need to have with that dear friend, your heart. We are inundated daily, with messages, sabotages, angers and frustrations. Take time each day to reconnect with your truth. Your stillness. It may be simply taking a walk in nature and pacing your footfalls with your breath, or a hot soak in a salted bath, or sitting in your favorite chair with your favorite candle burning while you simply follow your breath.

Take time in solitude.

You need it to reconnect with you.