Musings on Rule #10 for Mermaids … Closing the Chapters

Musings on Rule #10 for Mermaids … Closing the Chapters

The person who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones.

Indeed, Sunshine. Confucius was right.

And that mountain can be a guest room into which you can’t walk, weight you want or need to lose, new skills you want to obtain, changes you want to make within yourself.

But what if it’s not A mountain?  What if it’s a RANGE? 

I often describe myself as bouncing – I tend to go from project to project, rarely finishing anything in one fell swoop.

There were times I could have and just didn’t want to.  Yet in others were true hurdles and interruptions that were often blessings in disguise.

And it’s cost me a few tears here and there, but I’ve refused to change – or couldn’t – or maybe a little of both.  

I now liken my movements to bees moving from flower to flower, and  recognize it as the SKILL that it is – when applied correctly. 

But at some some point one does have to reign themselves in and wrap things up.  And maybe even look at some of the the underlying ‘whys’ behind each unfinished project.

‘But I can’t!’ you may be thinking.  ‘I have no help!’  

But how many times has a friend offered theirs?  

And how many times have you actually asked for it – slowly, clearly, not thinly veiled? 

And how many times has it come, and you missed it? 

What if instead of automatically saying, ‘No, I’m good thanks’, you tried ‘When I figure out what I need I promise I’ll ask’, and then do it?

What if you recognized that we ALL like to be needed and that allowing yourself to be vulnerable on occasion actually shows strength? (Thank you Robin Rivers for connecting THOSE dots!)

And what if instead of defending yourself to that person who just got off the couch to come in and say ‘Why don’t you get rid of some of this junk?’ you said ‘Oh cool! While you’re here, help me move this sofa!’

It doesn’t always come in a pretty package, Sunshine.

Sometimes the form it takes may be part of a bigger message, lesson, or plan.  

And sometimes, help is just help. 

But at the end of the day it may indeed be more blessed to give than to receive, but to REFUSE to receive may block the blessings.

So get on with it Sunshine. 

Get that $#!+ done and I’ll see you when you get here ❤️

Amy Hege Atwell is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids, available at, on Amazon, and at several retail outlets including her shop The Painted Mermaid in Southport, NC.