Self improvement

Self improvement

We’ve spent A LOT of time together this year on Rule #1 (Back your own Trailer) in my book (10 Little Rules for Mermaids) and ‘all that it is entailed in learning to do new things and what for me it means to ‘be grown’.

And as I wake on the dawn of a new era, I find myself realizing TODAY is a perfect day for EACH of us to make a COMMITMENT to stay in better touch with ALL that impacts us in this world, to be more interested, more active, more aware.

And being aware doesn’t mean becoming an expert. Being interested doesn’t imply studying every nuance. And being active doesn’t require leading anyone to change, except OURSELVES.

We NEED to understand what is happening around us Sunshine, we DESERVE to understand what impacts us, our families and our world. So let us recognize today as the clean slate that it is from a KNOWLEDGE standpoint, a chance to stay current with current events from the BEGINNING.

MAKE the time to spend fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes with neutral, factual, non emotion driven resources each day. Feel free to ask questions of teachers, librarians, even public officials, not so much for their thoughts or opinions, but for their resources.

And if you don’t understand what you just heard, that’s ok. You just may be surprised who else around you didn’t really either. So google it.

Knowledge is power Sunshine, but not having it doesn’t mean you’re not capable of gaining or understanding it. And not unlike a great meal, a walk on the beach, a brief flirtation or even a great romance, knowledge is rewarding.

Knowledge is INVIGORATING. And life is too short not to experience ALL of it my friend. The strength and confidence that comes from gleaning your own information is life altering, and life GIVING.

So taste it, sample it, SAVOR it. Because EVERYONE around you will benefit from your wholeness, especially you. Om shanti Sunshine. Take care of you, and I’ll see you when you get here.

Amy Hege Atwell is the author of 10 Little Rules for Mermaids, available at, on Amazon, and at several retail outlets including her shop The Painted Mermaid in Southport, NC.