Meet the Author – Wendy Price

Wendy Price, author of 10 Little Rules of Hank

Wendy Price  is one of those rare women you meet in the world  who always takes things to the next level. She left the corporate grind to work from home and care for her young sons, one of whom has a medical condition that makes life…a bit interesting… for the whole family. Battling the ups and downs with humor and love, she shares with the world how to navigate through life with a challenging diagnosis in 10 Little Rules of Hank: a family’s journey through a rare disease.

Hank, our 10 Little Rules hero

Hank Price is a whirlwind of a small human. Currently in remission, he was diagnosed at two years old with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE). Since then he has been a shining light to many others with the discoveries that go along with finding his new normal. Running at full speed in all he does, he is the ultimate example of resilience. Along for the ride are his parents and his best friend — his older brother Dave. Learn more about Hank through his EOE-focuses Instagram and Facebook pages, his book, and his everyday adventures on the 10 Little Rules blog.

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