the truth about Emergence

the truth about Emergence

Are you one of those shy people like my child who likes to observe their surroundings before stepping out and into the chaos?

Or maybe you are more like me, a person that has no fear taking headlong leaps into the dark abyss?  For nearly  10 months we have lived in a constant state of fear, for ourselves, our families and friends. We have hidden away and locked ourselves up tight in hopes or preventing the spread of a virus that until recently held us gripped in panic.

As the vaccine begins to spreads and we carefully take a step back out into the world, I wonder with what type of outlook and open heart we are emerging. We have lived isolated, cut off from every single source that fills our cup. We have replaced social human contact with electronic devices that more so that not have spewed anger, frustrations and even accusations to a world that is filled with soulful human beings who are just as confused and saddened as the rest of us.

Our sighs have deepened and not for an energetic release and recuperation but more so of a deep-seated sadness that resides in the pit of our bellies. We have tried to replace the nurturing touch of other humans with electronic devices that have numbed our sensibilities and compassion for one another. I see the side stepping of people who once open heartedly embraced me. The scowls of people in stores when their safety is at risk by an incorrectly worn masks. The quick tempers, the irritations and validations of irrational opinions based on unproven facts. 

At what point do we embrace our emergence? Who or what are we allowing to dictate we have the all clear to live our lives?  We will all step back into the world completely different people, there is no doubt. But I ask you, how will you reemerge and share your gifts and grace with the world? With bitter temperaments, anger from loss  … or gratitude for the gift of life?

Every human soul is born with love and grace in their heart. Every. Living. Soul.

Step out and seek to find that seed that may be buried deep in your neighbors, your co-workers, even distanced relatives and try to look upon them with compassion as we all tentatively take in a deep breath. Emerge slowly if needed. Your conscience and heart need to be fully awakened as you step out. But my friends, it is time to release the anger, the sadness and impatience with one another and wrap our arms around each other and heal this incredible loss of life, family and freedom we have experienced this year. It is time to move forward and emerge with hearts blazing.

Micki Beach, owner and lead instructor at Tree of Life Yoga Studio in Oak Island, NC, is the author of 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth. Her book is available at, on Amazon, and at select retail stores and her studio.

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