The Books

Bliss is state of mind. Happiness is a choice.

And we all need a little help from time to time to remember this.

This is why we’ve written these books in the 10 Little Rules series. To help you listen to the whispers, chart a new path, and live the life of bliss that is your birthright.

The 10 Little Rules Books

10 Little Rules for a Blissy Life” by Carol Pearson

The 10LRs book that started it all. Learn how to listen to your heart, and find the courage to finally live by your own rules.
10 Little Rules for a Blissy life

 “10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul” by Rita Long

Do you long to live a more creative or artistic life? Do you wish you could break out and express your free side, your wild child? Read on, soul seeker.
10 Little Rules for Your Creative Soul


Coming in Late Winter 2018 — “10 Little Rules of HANK: A family’s journey through a rare disease” by Wendy Price

10 Little Rules of Hank

One woman’s story of a heroic child, a hideous disease, and the journey of love that changed everything.

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Coming in Spring of 2018– “10 Little Rules for Mothers and Daughters” by Beverly Ingle

We give them wings, and they break our hearts by using them. A poignant reminder of how to love and let go, with grace.

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