the truth about Choices

the truth about Choices

We all have our stories … the sad details of some life-changing event that we may feel no one would understand so we keep them buried deep within our heart. But these emotions take a toll on our minds and, eventually, our bodies. Suppressed emotions block energy lines in the body. If we could take an energy microscope, so to speak, and take a little peak inside … we may see a road map to our emotional histories.

We stuff and compress these emotions into little pockets of the mind and heart, thinking one day we will deal with them. One day will be better than today. This compartmentalizing leads us to a life of survival. A life of just simple existence where we tend to be reactive instead of proactive in daily encounters. We may choose the path of least resistance or blame our circumstances on others and make excuses when things go wrong in our lives.

We tend to listen only to answer, not to actually hear what is being said …

and we rarely speak our truth …

Do you fear change or have you recently been feeling that there is something bigger that you were meant to do? This is the path to “thriving.” This need to grow, prosper, flourish and develop. But how do we make that leap. But what if we fall …or worse … fail?

There are several steps you can take to begin living your unbounded life.

1. Get to know yourself. When you know your own strengths and even your weaknesses, you can clearly define what you love doing everyday! Make a list … at the top write “I Am Unique.” On your list, write what replenishes you. Do you feel more revitalization after spending time alone, or does being in a social crowd help you recharge? When you feel best, who is around you? What are you doing? 

2. Think about your daily tasks. Make another list … two columns this time. On one side write all your daily tasks. On the other, write all the things you love to do. How do these two lists compare? Can you eliminate at least a few of the daily “tasks” that may drain your energy and replace them with something you love? Can that load of laundry wait until tomorrow so you can cozy up with a book and a cup of tea for 30 minutes? Seeing our day and our emotional needs on our list in front of us helps us rearrange our priorities. 

3. Who do you surround yourself with? Is all your free time spent surfing the web or reading political rants on face book? Make a list of all the people in your life who are living their dharma. Who do you know who is thriving and sharing their gifts with the world? These are the people we want to spend more time with. They have big plans, exude excitement, motivate and inspire others. They will help you keep moving towards the things you want. Not material things or money, but your true purpose. 

4. Thriving vs Surviving. Thriving takes balance … not literally, necessarily, some of us have two left feet! But think about how your diet, sleep habits, and time for “play” directly affect your life. At our studio we never encourage the idea that everything we are isn’t perfect already but sometimes you may feel you need to change your diet or make the resolution to “give up” something unhealthy in your life.  I recommend starting to incorporate healthier things and habits into your life … people, mediation, Pranayama, yoga classes, and believe it or not …

all the unhealthy things will start to fall away …

Sometimes even unnoticed …

and before you know it you are no longer just trying to survive …

you are thriving!

Micki Beach, E-RYT, YWT, SUPY @

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the truth about Meditation

the truth about Meditation

All good yogis do it, right?

And if we don’t, we keep it hidden like some dirty little secret that we sweep into the closet when our friends arrive for a visit.

I did yoga for seven years before I once even attempted to sit still to meditate. All that “ohming” in classes I attended never once spoke to me or even WHISPERED some deeper meaning … I never “heard” any ANSWERS but only realized I had a long way to go before I could resist the urge to scratch my nose and sit in peaceful bliss like all the other good yogis.

What no one ever bothered to tell was that there are many ways to meditate.  Meditation is not about emptying the mind. It is about being able to focus on ONE  object…


That may be a little hard at first. We are so used to multitasking that it is hard to put the brakes on that warp speed we seem to always move at.  So in our yoga classes, we work to give that “monkey mind” ONE object to focus on. Think of it kind of like an anchor, tethering you to the present moment.

When we begin to meditate, we start with the breath as that anchor.

So try this….

Remember in 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth

our first Rule is Be Still. Take a moment and revisit your book. Find your mountain pose (you can even do it sitting) and just feel how the breath moves in the body. Encourage the breath to first fill the belly then draw the breath up into the rib cage. From there, draw the breath into the chest. Imagine the torso expanding like a three-dimensional box….

From side to side, front to back and top to bottom.

Once you can follow the breath up … try to release that breath first from the chest, then slowly from the ribs and finally the belly. It’s that easy. This is called Dirga Breath or 3 Part Breathing.

So just in the last few minutes you have practiced this breath you have begun a simple meditation practice. Try taking 10 rounds of breath this way periodically through your day. Recite in your mind as you breathe … belly, ribs, chest … as you inhale. Then as you exhale, in your mind repeat … chest, ribs and belly.

When you release the assumption that in order to be a true meditating yogi you need to sit like a pretzel and not move for an infinite amount of time …

the rest will slowly evolve.

More techniques to come!


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the truth about Believing

the truth about Believing

We are all skeptics … we are even cynical at times, that outwardly displays itself as sarcasm or criticism.

“Not me”, right?

Think about the last time someone gave you a compliment … what was your reaction?

We are the first to so readily offer a compliment, a hand and praise to others. We KNOW how important it is to support others. With our modern day technology, it seems everyone and their lives are sitting on the couch right beside us and we know their history … their “story”… as if it was our own.

We “bless their hearts” (at least if you are a good southern woman) and send empathetic love to them through “likes” and even reach out to let them know we care.

We are aware of how much love we SHOULD give others because their pain is much more visible to us now. We all feel freer to share … we know this is part of the healing process.

This is where we step in and help those we feel are in need, with a basket full of muffins or a plant from our garden. We are the first to sing their praises as if they have forgotten the tune, pat them on the back, pick them up and dust them off and put them upright again.


When someone, anyone, shows us that same kindness …

we scoff or laugh it off. We feel we have “wasted” their time. “Oh, you shouldn’t have bothered.”

We even volley back to them any compliments they shower us with as refutes, disagreements, or even a “yeah, but.”

Why is it so hard to believe that others see the same light in US that we see in them? Why can’t we allow others to lift us up when we are in need without feeling burdensome? Why can’t we believe that their truth is that WE are important too?

Think on that a bit….

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the truth about Chaos

the truth about Chaos

I have it ALL under control! We all say it but how many of us ever truly feel it is so? Our logical mind flips its cape and proudly puffs out its chest but the heart mind taps on our shoulder and says “hey sister…didn’t you forget about x, y AND z?”

A hurricane many years ago pelted water sideways into my eaves until the whole right side of my house looked as if it was crying. Literally the walls were streaming with water and I looked liked one of those cartoon characters running around without enough fingers to plug all the holes. Little did I know that my stellar performance in THIS emergency (which may I add I am usually on point in these situations) would look like an amateur when the real cape doning was to come….

The whole kitchen and dining room wall would need to be torn out … all the way down to the studs. The bamboo flooring and kitchen tile also had to be torn out. Did I mention I was a homeschooling mother who valued our little piece of tranquil property out in the county more than anything in the world?

…so in rushed the water mitigation team and insurance adjusters, roofers (yep we needed a whole new roof too) as well as contractors and anyone else who wanted a piece of our insurance claim money. They set up seven industrial fans to dry out the water but never sealed off the open floor planned house. My daughter and I had to scream to hear each other, never mind getting anything productive done. And this lasted for weeks. Much to my argument, dissatisfaction and utter breakdown. This is what is was … no fighting or screaming or explaining was going to end this chaos of my life any time soon.

Sometimes in the midst of the noise and fans and wind and complete disorder … we must shed our cape. There is no one to save but ourselves in that moment.
Our hearts.

Our sanity.

So we have to just sit our ass down on the torn up tile floor amidst the wind and noise and breathe.
that’s it…

no fighting or fussing or controlling these situations.
just be still…

and listen…
to our hearts. That is the one place chaos will never reside. We must learn to silence the logical mind to hear our heart mind.


is where peace resides.

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