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These private pages are for our authors only, and will help you build your mail list and SELL MORE BOOKS! 😀

We are building these pages as we go, so if there’s anything you’d like to see added, or have any questions, please drop me a note.

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The 10 Little Rules Content Credo

10 Little Rules unequivocally condemns racism, homophobia, antisemitism and criminal behavior. We do not allow any violent or hateful content on our platforms, whether it is aimed at our government, its institutions and elected officials, or against any private citizens or group of citizens of this country. 

At 10LRs, we do not advocate for a particular political candidate or party. We respect our authors’ right to vote as they see fit, and are not in the business of persuading anyone otherwise. Our business is to inspire self-reflection and deeper thought so we may each uncover our own truths.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right in this country; the First Amendment protects citizens from government censorship. Private companies, however, have the right and the responsibility to monitor — and remove if necessary — content posted on the company’s platforms. (Here’s an excellent article from the Freedom Forum Institute that clearly breaks this down.)

We respect each author’s right to their opinions and beliefs. We are not in the business of telling you how to express yourself on your own profiles or your own businesses. That said, actions have consequences in the business world. If a 10LRS author posts hateful, violent or criminal content on their own platforms or supports anyone convicted of the same, we will terminate our working relationship per Section 6 of the signed Collaborative Publishing Agreement.

Author contact info

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How authors make money on book sales

10 Little Rules books are for sale on Amazon, on our website, on Etsy, in retail shops, via wholesalers and on social media. We are always developing new channels to get our books to market. Every channel has its own costs, so the amount an author makes on each platform varies and is subject to change as costs change. Regardless of what channel it sells on, you’ll make at least 50% of the net profit.

Your monthly sales report will reflect the current profit you can earn from sales in every channel.

Ordering author copies

Authors purchase copies of their books from 10LRS, at cost plus 10LRs share of profit, for $9.19/book (current as of 9/16/2020; these figures will change as costs change). These books are considered “fully paid” by 10LRS; you can sell or give away those books without reporting sales to 10LRs.*

*NOTE: If you have existing author copies that you purchased under the original “cost only” agreement, please continue to report sales monthly, and pay 10LRs $5.19 per book for anything sold or given away, until your original “cost only” supply is gone.

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Marketing Materials

Retail/Wholesale orders

Placing books in retail shops and community outlets is a great way to sell more books. We offer a Wholesale Program at a 40% discount and are happy to help cross-promote our retailers. If you have a shop that’s interested in carrying the line let’s make it happen … and you can earn 10% on any orders you bring to the table of other authors’ books.

Commission Sales

10 Little Rules does not place books on commission. Please refer to our Wholesale Program for retailers interested in carrying our books.

You may place your own fully paid author copies on commission if you wish (Ordering Author Copies above). 10LRS doesn’t provide any tracking or reporting for those.

Shipping Books

When shipping book orders, the cheapest way to mail is using Media Mail. You can purchase Media Mail postage through PayPal’s shipping options (Carol can provide details); or through (Bev has done this.) You can save quite a bit of money using media mail vs. regular USPS postage rates.